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Dealing with any type of damage to your home due to a storm or other catastrophic event can be a traumatic experience to say the least. You must immediately worry about leaking, damaged roofing, and making repairs in a timely matter, in order to stop any future losses.

Most people are not sure about what steps to take to ensure this is completed in the quickest and most efficient way possible.

You as a homeowner want the work done correctly, in a timely matter, and in a way that ensures the least amount of concern in the future. Your insurance company on the other hand wants to delay as long as possible, in hopes that you will not pursue a claim, or better yet not file at all, for fear of your rates going up or possibly even losing your coverage. If you do pursue the claim, they will most likely try to underestimate the damage to try to minimize their losses and your compensation.

We can make the insurance process quick & easy.

Pure Renovations will:

  • Aid you in filing your claim the proper way, to ensure a complete and timely settlement.
  • Prepare a professional scope of loss packet for both you and your insurance provider.
  • Deal directly with your provider, including adjuster meetings to make sure every area of damage is correctly assessed.
  • Complete your job in a timely matter with no risk or cost to you.

We are specialists in this area, and rest assured if you put your home in our hands you will be completely satisfied.

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